Tips for Corn Maze Operators


Be sure to call, email or text us to get your free printed copy of our brochure, “Tips for Corn Maze Operators”.

• Plant two directions. Although not absolutely necessary, planting in a crisscross pattern helps with the appearance of the maze design (think of it has “high resolution”). It also helps keep kids (and adults) from cutting through rows.

• We have found that about 30 to 45 minutes is what most families want to spend in a corn maze. We design mazes of many sizes but we recommend 5 to 7 acres to get the 45 minute (average) experience.

• Check for tripping hazards before you open. Have a few “quick exits” if your maze is over 4 acres. Use plastic safety fence (snow fence) to keep customers out of dangerous areas and away from roads.

• Hand out maps of the maze for those who request a little help.

• A bridge or lookout platform can be a big hit in corn mazes. Be sure it is built to code and not too large to hold too many maze-goers.

• Pumpkins and hayrides go great with corn mazes. Food and beverages too!

• We recommend offering a maze game. We include a free game for new customers and have a DIY free game available to current customers, along with our premium games. Games make the maze more challenging and educational and are fun for the entire family.

• Promote your maze with social media. Take photos of interesting things at your site (pumpkins, tractors, farm buildings, etc.) and post as your event opening gets closer.

• Be sure your insurance covers the event. Staff should have training on how to handle various situations that can arise. Walkie Talkies are always a good idea.

• Additional attractions make your maze event more appealing and customers will feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. See our Corn Maze Operators Guide (customers only) for pages of low-cost additional attractions.

The most important rule of corn maze operation – When you close up at the end of the day, make sure the parking lot is empty!