All of our Corn Maze Games are designed by The Corn Maze Guy and are copyrighted. Call or email for our price sheet. 

Maze Games are a great way to offer additional value and excitement to your maze. Maze games especially help smaller mazes by adding to the challenge. 

All the games require maze-goers to search throughout the maze for hidden clues or signs before they find their way out. The games are educational and fun and the players will learn about agriculture and our planet.

Corn Maze Game questions are oriented to families so all members can play.

Barnyard Bingo

This colorful and easy to play game gets players to match the pictures on their game cards to the picture on each of the large 2’ x 2’ game signs. There are five different game play cards so every family member can have a different card. All cards can win, they just need to find the signs.

Includes 1000 full color game cards (5 different cards) and 12, 2×2 foot game signs.


Harvest Time!

This unique game asks farming and agriculture questions and if the player needs a clue, they simply hold their game card up against the game sign and follow the colored lines to the letters on the card.

Kids love it!

Includes 1000 game cards and 12, 12×12 inch game signs.

The aMAZEing Planet


Our newest game allows for players to choose between advanced or beginner questions, or both!

Each game play card and game sign has an advanced question and a beginner question. The back of the cars requests players to enter their name and email address to enter a contest. This allows you to collect info for a mailing list.

Includes 1000 3×5 inch double sided game cards and large 2×2 foot game signs.

Farm Fun Facts

Our most popular game! Players are asked farming questions and when all the questions have been answered, the player uses the boxed letters to figure out the secret word.

Includes 1000 game play cards and 12, 12×12 inch game signs.

Corn Maze Crossword

This game is included in our New Customer Maze Package. Find the signs and play the crossword puzzle. Game play sheets are printed on paper so the cost is lower and you can print as many as needed.

Includes 500 black and white game play sheets and 10 game signs. Digital file provided for printing additional game sheets.

Which Way?

This economical game offers clues to find the exit by answering questions correctly. An arrow with the correct answer points towards the exit.

Includes eight 12×12 inch signs (four left direction and four right direction).