We have developed a maze cutting process that is much quicker than our competitors, which translates to a lower cost for our customers. We are generally less than half the price of our competition.

Our process uses a highly accurate GPS system on a zero-turn mower to put the design in your field. This allows for very detailed designs, which is especially important for small to medium sized mazes.

We cut corn that is ideally between 2’ and 4’ tall*. There will be stubble and some corn debris left in the path when we are done. Then you, the maze operator, spray and/or re-mow the stubble. The stubble must be sprayed or re-mowed or the corn will start to grow back. We have a list of herbicides that destroy Round-Up Ready corn.

In most cases, the stubble will decompose by the time the maze opens. Our Corn Maze Operators Guide goes into detail on how to maintain maze paths.

Our quick cutting process and having you, the maze operator, do some of the work allows our prices to be ½ to 1/3 of other maze designers.

You do the path clearing, you save thousands.

If you have any questions, please call.


*We cannot guarantee that we can come to your site when the corn is a specific height, but we make every effort to do so when the corn is at the ideal height for cutting. We rely on our customers to keep us informed of their plant dates and corn height. Taller corn may require additional path cleanup. We cannot cut corn over 7 feet or under 12 inches. Corn under 18 inches tall requires immediate treatment.

Depending on your location, we may request you plant your corn at a specific time. Grouping our corn maze customers located in the same area allows us to keep our cost low.