Iwo Jima Corn Maze

Corn Maze Design


Owners Don & Lorraine Watts are art school graduates and have extensive graphic design backgrounds. Their background in farming and experience in design for advertising and promotional materials is a great benefit to customers.

How It Works

1. We quote you a price, based on your location and size of the maze.
The price includes design, cutting, consulting, promotional material and our Corn Maze Operators Guide.

There are no additional costs added later and we do not require contracts or take a percentage of your profit.

2. We create a design, based on your ideas or our suggestions, to fit your planned maze field.

3. When your corn is about 2 to 3 feet tall (we can cut a maze in any size corn), we come to your site and cut the maze design into the field using a zero-turn mower.

4. After the design is cut, you go through the field and spray or treat the corn stubble. Our suggested methods are listed in our Guide.

*** Please note that other corn maze designers will do this job for you, however because it is a time consuming process, the cost is reflected in their price. 

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