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  • We recommend that you plant the rows of corn in both (perpendicular) directions.

Planting both ways has several advantages:

    1. It will deter maze-goers from seeing down the rows and cutting through, which can damage the corn,
    2. It can also help the corn from blowing over during a storm with
      strong wind.
  • Row widths of approximately 30” to 34” are ideal.
    ** Your seed dealer can suggest a corn variety that fits your
    needs and area.
  • The time of year you plant is important.
    ** Time your planting so that you have the best stand of corn
    when you are ready to open for business.


Safety should always be your priority.

  • Check your maze paths regularly for rocks, holes etc.
  • Consider designing “quick exits” into your maze, with signage
  • Use portable fencing to keep customers from hazardous areas
  • Have beverages available, especially in hot weather
  • Be sure all of your maze-goers are out of the maze before you close!
  • Always check local ordinances for permit requirements.
  • Make sure your insurance covers your event.



Inside Corn Maze

Your maze should be as close to parking as possible so your customers do not have to walk too far. If your parking is not close by, consider offering tractor-pulled wagon rides to the maze.

This itself is a great attraction especially to customers with children. If any edge of your field is close to a roadway, you may want to put up temporary snow fencing or a similar barrier to keep your customers from strolling out of the maze and into traffic.

Add to Your Profits

  • Sale items: beverages, food, pumpkins, gourds, hay bales
  • Hayrides, Pony Rides
  • Inflatables for the Kids
  • Face Painting, Sand Art
  • Photo-Op Cutouts
  • Hay Bale Maze
  • Apple Slingshot